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Business Valuation FAQ

  1. Do I need a business valuation?
    If you own a business (or a partial interest in one), at some point you may need an assessment of its value. The following are examples of situations where owners will likely need the services of a business valuation expert. More…

  2. What is the business valuation process?
    One of the most common questions about business appraisal services is, what do you do when you value a private business? In other words, what is the process one undertakes to value a private company? More…

  3. Who can provide me with a credible valuation?
    Not all business valuations are created equal. A credible valuation requires an experienced and knowledgeable professional to give an independent, well-reasoned and well-supported opinion. More…

  4. How much does a business valuation cost?
    The business appraisal process is not quick, simple or cheap. This should come as no surprise, given the significant financial and legal consequences involved with the need for a business valuation. More…

  5. How long does it take to conduct a business valuation?
    A reliable business appraisal is not an analysis that can be completed quickly. Among other things, the time required will depend on the purpose of the appraisal as well as the availability of information. More…